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        VIG is a real estate brokerage and advisory firm specialized in representing private investors and institutions throughout the US, with purchasing and selling commercial net-lease investment properties. Founded on a history of business ownership, professional experience, and entrepreneurial vision, VIG is explicitly structured to deliver an unmatched quality experience —emphasizing client-first services that ensure maximum results.

In the world of Investment Real Estate, there is simply no substitute for having a highly skilled broker and advisor working for you. At VIG, we go beyond being transactional to distinguish ourselves from most big agency firms with our priority to provide more custom, flexible, personalized services that align with your unique needs. 

Owners like you should demand an experienced, proficient, and customer-focused ally in your corner.



       "I'm driven by the challenge of demonstrating a measurable difference in representation and sophisticated strategies. VIG was born from identifying these opportunities and lives by sharing them for a client's benefit."

      If you own property, then you're a business owner too. Each one of us quickly discovered that our primary role is to solve problems and make tough decisions regularly. And, the success of any business hangs on the owner's unique blend of vision, experience, adaptability to change, willingness to learn, risk management, and innovation that will lead others. My passion for business ownership goes beyond informed strategy and intuitive problem-solving.


VIG was structured to deliver a level of quality service and overall experience that exceeds just facilitating transactions. On the surface, I'm an advisor and broker. Beneath that, I'm working with the skill sets of a business owner, real estate agent, accountant, financial advisor, underwriter, paralegal, negotiator.

Investment Real Estate requires a wealth of knowledge, experience, and integrity. Every property owner deserves to get informed advice and representation. The stakes are too high. Amongst all service industries that provide an opportunity for an advisor or representative to showcase their quantifiable value to customers, Investment Real Estate would rank high on that list.

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